eXtensible MetaGrammar (XMG)

The XMG system corresponds to what is usually called a “metagrammar compiler”. More precisely it is a tool for designing large scaled grammars for natural language. Provided a compact representation of grammatical information, XMG combines elementary fragments of information to produce a fully redundant strongly lexicalised grammar. It is worth noticing that by XMG, we refer to both a formalism allowing one to describe the linguistic information contained in a grammar, a device computing grammar rules from a description based on this formalism.

The original XMG website can be found here. The latest version, XMG-2, and its documentation, are available on GitHub.

Aim of the XMG WebGUI

The XMG WebGUI provides a compiler and viewer for XMG. No local installation of the XMG software is necessary. Just upload your code and let our server do the job. The generated resources can then be processed by the online parser.

The XMG WebGUI also intends to share resources using the XMG format. To begin with, we have converted the XTAG grammar of English. The result is visible here. A list of metagrammars developped with XMG is available here.



Besides email, you can also reach us by using the issue tracker of our github repository.